Teaching Mission to Viet Nam

I went to Viet Nam in Dec 2016 unaware this was the monsoon season. Torrential rainfall and lack of communication and no roadmap made for an interesting and challenging trip, to say the least. I went in hopes of providing some new ideas and techniques in the surgical treatment of breast cancer.


It was a unique experience doing this with an organization I have never traveled with before. Teaching and adjusting in a foreign country requires pre-planning and patience and I was fortunate to have a bright young eager surgeon and veteran companions to help make it all possible.


The conditions we worked in were very eye opening and I am not sure who learned more. Adaptability and creativity goes a long way when supplies and proper tools are lacking. I was trying to emphasize margin assessment for breast tumors and some new techniques for conservative management of the breast cancer patient. I don’t know if I had much of an effect on the surgeons as a whole but I do know there is at least one young doctor who is “seeing the light ” that maybe things can be done differently. I hope to bring him here to the states so he can further his studies.


If anyone wants to further this mission, feel free to contact me.