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Accurate and Reliable Breast Cancer Screening

More and more patients are becoming interested in alternative imaging, a.k.a. “thermography” for breast cancer screening. As a physician who has dedicated her career to helping women (and men) fight and win the battle for breast cancer, I would like to remind you that mammography, a low-dose X-ray image of the breast, is still the most effective breast cancer screening tool, second to the human hand, with breast self-exam (BSE) being equally important. Unfortunately, 9 out of 10 women in my clinic when asked, report they DO NOT do self-exams for one reason or another.

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Hidden Scar Breast Cancer Surgery

Dr. Laurie Evans is now certified in the Hidden Scar Breast Cancer Surgery technique. This approach to breast cancer surgery minimizes scarring and also can reduce the emotional impact to patients.

To find out if you are a candidate for Hidden Scar Breast Cancer Surgery call our office today. 509-547-0027

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Dr. Laurie Evans is a premier breast surgeon in Southwest Washington, specializing in breast cancer and other problems in the breast. The clinic has had the prestigious honor of being named as a Center of Excellence for Accelerated Partial Breast Irradiation.
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Dr. Laurie Evans has been my physician for many years and has seen me through multiple breast problems. She helped remove my fears and the fears of my family. I value her highly as a physician and think of her as a friend.” – B. Strote

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